Destiny 2’s Farm is the Perfect Place to Farm Exotic Engrams


The Farm in Destiny 2 is a location where players can easily farm for items and earn some very nice rewards. Currently, there are only two activities that feature this area: the Public Event and the Wanted Bounties. The rewards mostly drop from completing Wanted Bounties and range from tokens to turn in for faction reputation, to legendary engrams, and even exotic engrams.

In this article, we give you some advice on how to farm for exotics in the Farm, as it is a faster method than going about it alone. We also give some insight into what makes the most sense when doing so and why specifically farming in the Farm is a great idea.

How to Get to the Farm Destiny 2

Farm is located in The Rig section of the European Dead Zone. It can be reached by going to The Last City, then launching into orbit and selecting it from there.

Where to Get the Wanted Bounties For those who are still unfamiliar with how this works, here’s a short explanation: One of the main NPCs of the game, named Spider, will give you Wanted bounties. These are daily tasks that themselves feature other sub-tasks to complete across the map. Once completed, you hand back in your bounty at Spider and claim an engram as a reward for completion of the bounty.

Who Gives the Best Rewards?

As it happens by coincidence, the Wanted bounties are especially good for exotics.

There are quite a few targets that give legendary engrams as rewards. However, there are only two that give exotic engrams: A Fallen Captain located at Trostland in European Dead Zone and a Hive Knight near The World’s Grave on Io.

The Farm as a Great Place to Farm Exotics

Why is the Farm such a good place to farm for exotics? First and foremost, it features more than one target. This means you can quickly move between multiple areas and clear them efficiently. Strategies that work here are: Clearing targets with burn damage or some other AoE ability. For example, a three-shot shotgun with the right talents is enough to clear several targets at once. Clear as much as you can, then swap weapons and do it again – rinse and repeat.

When going for exotics, some players even use more than one character to farm bounties more quickly. This way they can easily clear multiple areas in a short amount of time.

When doing the Wanted bounties on all three characters, it’s a matter of 30 minutes until you collect three exotic engrams as a reward. This is a great way to farm for exotics and doesn’t require any additional grinding or farming whatsoever.

How to Optimize the Destiny 2 Farm for Getting Exotic Engrams

There are several things you should keep in mind when going about farming exotics. What to do, what not to do – and why:

Do NOT complete too many bounties at once. If you complete a bounty on one character, go to orbit, then launch a new one from there with another character. This way you can leave the area while you travel to the Farm and get your exotic engrams from there. This way, you can easily collect all three exotics in about 45 minutes or less!

Don’t take on too many bounties at once. Complete them one-by-one without leaving the area. You should be able to complete five bounties before you’ll have to leave the Farm.

Don’t wait around. In-between bounties, you can do other things like turn in tokens for faction rep or simply take a break and come back again later.

Do NOT swap characters. It doesn’t matter what order your bounty targets are – just focus on one character at a time and collect your exotics.

Do NOT complete the bounties in order. If you like, you can pick them up randomly to speed things up even more – but keep the previously mentioned tips in mind.

Don’t complete too many Wanted bounties at once. Doing so will cut into how much time you have to complete the bounties you have on the Farm, plus your other characters.


The Destiny 2 Farm is a great place to farm for exotic engrams in the current meta of Destiny 2. It’s efficient and easy to use, and you can complete it within about 45 minutes or less with optimized use of your time and resources (and one more character).